Daylight Analysis

> Whole Life Carbon Assessments evaluate the complete carbon footprint of a building throughout its entire lifecycle, from cradle to grave or cradle to cradle.

While operational emissions have long been measured, Whole Life Carbon assessments provide a deeper understanding of embedded emissions, which can account for 40-70% of a new building’s total emissions.

These assessments encompass operational emissions from both regulated and unregulated energy use, as well as embodied carbon. Embodied carbon includes emissions from raw material extraction, product manufacturing, material transportation, construction, maintenance, repair, replacement, demolition, and disposal.

The primary objective of Whole Life Carbon Assessments is to mitigate carbon impact throughout a project’s lifecycle. Detailed reporting facilitates future comparisons, benchmarking, and target setting.

At Elevation Carbon, we utilize OneClick LCA along with our detailed energy models to achieve unparalleled accuracy in carbon assessments right from the start of your project. This integrated approach ensures comprehensive evaluation and optimization of your building's carbon footprint.

We collaborate closely with clients and design teams to identify the most relevant industry benchmarks for their development. Our assessments, conducted at the design stage, help shape specifications and maximize the positive impact on your project.