> Our experience ranges from new build developments, design, construction and building handover & operation. With projects completed across all sectors in the UK and the Middle East; our team adds value to your project - whatever the stage.

Net Zero Carbon

Governments worldwide are setting ambitious targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions, many aiming to significantly reduce by 2030 and beyond.

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Building Energy Models

For compliance to code or to meet the requirements of green building certifications - what we do improves your bottom line.

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Whole Life Carbon

Assess the total carbon footprint of your building, from cradle to grave, ensuring sustainable design and minimized environmental impact.

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Green Building Certification

Streamline the certification process with our Green Building Administration services, and comply with LEED, BREEAM, Estidama, and other global standards.

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Building Physics

Optimizing your building's thermal performance and HVAC systems through advanced simulation, ensuring energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

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Smart Building Advisory

Partner with regional leaders in WiredScore and SmartScore certifications to optimize connectivity and smart technology for offices and homes.

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Daylight Simulation

Enhancing occupant health and productivity with precise daylight analysis, meeting global standards for natural light and visual comfort.

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Operational Energy Services

Ensure your building performs as designed with our CIBSE TM54 methodology, bridging the performance gap for true energy efficiency.

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Regulatory Compliance

Our expert team eases the process of compliance, no matter the region and with expertise across many major codes and certifications.

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Sustainability Assessments

Collaborate with us from the start to develop a sustainable, low carbon strategy that meets or exceeds local standards globally.

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Energy Advisory

Optimize your development’s energy and carbon performance with our Energy Adviser service, ensuring your sustainability crteria are met.

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Retrofit Analysis

Transform your buildings with our Retrofit Studies, combining energy audits and Digital Twins for retrofit projects and decarbonization pathways.

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Transform Your Building Today

Partner with Elevation for sustainable and efficient building solutions in Abu Dhabi.