Retrofit Advisory

> As a building owner, operator, or investor; I understand that most of the buildings that exist today will still be standing in 2050, making retrofit critical for decarbonization.

Our Retrofit Studies service helps transform existing buildings for better energy efficiency and sustainability. By conducting thorough energy audits and using our innovative 'Activate Digital Twin' service, we provide models that support retrofit projects and decarbonization pathways for buildings and portfolios globally.

Energy Audits

We analyze your building’s current energy performance, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for energy savings. Our audits cover all aspects of energy use, from HVAC systems to lighting and insulation, providing actionable insights for your retrofit strategies.

Activate Digital Twin

Our Activate Digital Twin service calibrates your building’s design and energy model to reflect real-world performance accurately. This includes:

Data Integration: Combining design models with real-time performance data to create an accurate digital twin of your building.

Performance Calibration: Adjusting the digital twin to match actual operational data, ensuring it accurately represents real-world conditions.

Predictive Analysis: Using the calibrated digital twin to simulate and predict the impact of various retrofit measures, showing potential energy savings and ROI.

Benefits of Retrofit Studies

ROI-Backed Models: Our digital twins provide robust models that demonstrate the financial benefits of retrofit measures.

Decarbonization Pathways: We develop detailed decarbonization pathways for buildings or entire portfolios, supporting global sustainability goals.

Informed Decision-Making: With precise data and analysis, you can make informed decisions about retrofit investments.

Enhanced Performance: Implementing our recommended measures improves your building’s energy performance, reducing costs and emissions.

Global Impact and Value

Our approach ensures that retrofit projects are technically sound and financially viable. We provide clear pathways to decarbonization, helping you achieve sustainability targets while maximizing ROI. Our services are tailored to meet regional standards and conditions globally.

Why Choose Us

Elevation Carbon’s Retrofit Studies service combines comprehensive energy audits with the innovative 'Activate Digital Twin' to provide accurate, actionable insights for retrofit projects.

By partnering with us, you can transform your buildings, achieve sustainability goals, and maximize the return on your retrofit investments.