Building Physics

> Our Building Physics Service leverages advanced Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) to create detailed thermal models of your proposed building, accurately assessing potential cooling, heating, and ventilation challenges.

Comprehensive Performance Analysis

Analyzing a new building to evaluate its performance and occupant comfort year-round is a crucial part of the design process. Our DSM approach ensures that both the thermal efficiency and the comfort of the occupants are optimized through careful consideration of various design factors.

Advanced HVAC Optimization

Modern building regulations worldwide, including those in the UAE, KSA, and the UK, mandate high levels of insulation and airtightness. Our DSM service goes beyond basic compliance, focusing on optimizing HVAC systems for maximum efficiency and performance. By accurately predicting heating and cooling loads, we can design HVAC systems that are both energy-efficient and effective in maintaining ideal indoor conditions.

Holistic Modelling Approach

The DSM process considers a wide range of influencing factors such as the building's shape, orientation, shading from neighboring structures, insulation, window and door performance, various heating/cooling systems and their efficiencies, heating controls, lighting, thermal mass, air leakage rates, ventilation, hot water storage efficiencies, and the performance of renewable technologies.

Optimizing Comfort and Efficiency

For highly glazed properties or complex buildings with modern heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, addressing these elements at the concept stage is vital. This ensures the building is practical and comfortable for occupants, reducing the need for costly adjustments post-construction.

Why Choose Us?

Our Building Physics Service provides a comprehensive analysis of your building's thermal performance, ensuring regulatory compliance and optimizing occupant comfort. By partnering with us, you can be confident that your building will meet global standards and operate efficiently year-round, delivering a practical and comfortable environment for all users.